For Angela, the owner and visionary behind EVERNIQ, starting a unique jewelry curating company has become quite the labor of love. Fortunately, she’s well on her way after we spent a season (or two) crafting her branding and launching her e-commerce website.

Launching a Dream

Angela, a fellow Temple, TX resident, began her journey to launch her online boutique jewelry company years ago with a dream. I met Angela over a Starbucks brew. After reading her business plan and listening to her pour over her goals and vision, I knew she was driven to make this dream a reality.

Angela is very gifted. Gifted as in you know right away her intelligence surpasses your own. But she’s also creative. A rare combo. When you hop over to her website and see the gorgeous pieces of jewelry she’s curated for her store, you’ll see my point…but not yet…keep reading.

Combing through dozens of resources, Angela discovers and purchases rare, antique and fine jewelry from all over the country. All of the pieces are professionally appraised and cleaned for resale. She has quite the eye for value and significance. Think legacy/generation-type jewelry.

Journey of Lessons

Angela approached us for a branding and web development quote. Angela is meticulous – she did her research. After procuring several local web and logo design quotes, she landed with Morether on the project.

For us, helping local start-up businesses with their marketing goals is a top motivator.

Unfortunately, a previous firm who started her initial branding had failed to provide Angela with enough trademark research. The brand name she started with was in use.

We spent several painstaking months mulling over various name ideas. Nothing stuck. The final concept came to me as I watched my 4-year old daughter playing with her jewelry – placing her prized possessions into tiny jewelry boxes. “EVERNIQ” is a combination of “forever” and “unique.” It seemed like a perfect fit for a legacy jewelry company.

Angela agreed.

Time for Business

With the business name under our belt we pushed into creative mode. We started with the logo and branding. A jewelry company with amazingly beautiful pieces needs something elegant, simple, and classy for its brand.


Next we tackled the jewelry photography and website. We partnered up with a local friend/marketing guru/jewelry expert extraordinaire, Jen Williams. Jen has years of expertise, not to mention a fantastic eye for capturing perfect jewelry photos.

Finally, we dove into the website design and development, topping it with a robust WooCommerce storefront solution. We carefully crafted and revised the content to find Angela’s voice and tone. We tweaked and perfected details until time to go live.

Nearly a year after our Starbucks brew, EVERNIQ is in business and Angela has taken a huge step towards her dream. Did we say how much we love bringing dreams to life?

NOW go look at Angela’s EVERNIQ site. It’s awesome. Buy something. Buy two somethings. We dare you to pick a fav.

Visit EVERNIQ Website.

If you have a dream you’ve been hiding, what’s holding you back? We love working with startups. We’ll work to ramp up your marketing, beginning with a small budget and increasing efforts as you become successful.

Reach out today to make it happen!


When your agency’s older website project does your marketing for you, it’s a total win! The partners and staff at Baldwin, Briscoe & Steinmetz discovered a law firm website we completed nearly 4 years ago and reached out to Morether seeking a dramatic overhaul of their dated site.

Content Galore

Back in the ancient 2010’s, the ruling SEO strategy was creating (or plagiarizing) a plethora of content and jamming it onto way too many pages so Google would crawl your site, discover you not only know about your profession, but you’re also an expert on your city, community, and local pet store as well. If it provides page hits, write about it!

Fortunately for website designers and content strategists, Google wised up and favors content in a website that matters to – low and behold – the person actually seeking the content.

Thank you, Google.

We had quite a stack of content to plow through in the early stages of Baldwin, Briscoe, & Steinmetz’s website re-design. It wasn’t bad content, but far too much and irrelevant to the target audience.

The content is still a work in progress, but as it’s now in the more manageable WordPress CMS, our client is happily doing the deed of editing to create a client-centric experience.

Conversion, Conversion, Conversion

After several law firm website designs, we’ve realized the “request for a consultation” with the firm is paramount in conversion. Duh. But you’d be surprised how many site designs overlook that fact. Browsing analytics from other law firm websites, we see a path straight to the lead gen form requesting a phone call or email back. Simple as that.

We planted a simple form right in the hero image rather than take up space with photos of partners or staff. It’s working well with multiple leads already coming in each week.

A Seat on the Bench(marking)

After wrapping up the strategy, design, and build of the website, we gave our client powerful tools to make ongoing, intelligent digital marketing decisions. A website that sits for months without new content rots. Don’t expect better conversion results or SERP rank increasing if you’re not tweaking and adding new, relevant, targeted content.

That’s easier said than done – so as a service of our monthly care plan, we provide an intuitive Google DataStudio report pulling in analytics and search query keywords to give our clients a snapshot of what’s going on and where to focus inbound marketing efforts.

It sounds crazy simple, but we love seeing lightbulbs go off when clients realize they aren’t in the dark any longer in ad spend or blog topics.

This also allows for powerful benchmarking when deepening marketing efforts for a practice area, such as personal injury or government contracts.

Good Growing

Southern Maryland is one of the fastest growing areas in the DC region. This means ample opportunity for forward-thinking law firms like Baldwin, Briscoe & Steinmetz. We’ll continue to provide the creative wheelhouse they need to be a viable law firm for years.

Visit Baldwin, Briscoe & Steinmetz Website.

If you’re a law firm in Maryland, Central Texas, Austin or Waco and beyond, we’ve discovered and implemented some powerful strategies, techniques and tools that provide healthy growth for your practice. Reach out today for a conversation!


Summer Camp brings varying degrees of memories for many of us. For one camp in Central Texas needing assistance bringing marketing efforts back to life, we hope we’ve helped continue building memories for generations to come.

Many moons ago I attended my first pre-teen summer camp. My older sister had attended a few years, and now I was tagging along. I made it till Wednesday and with tears streaming, called home for mom to come get me.

Nevertheless, over the next few years, I gained an appreciation for camp during our hot Texas summers. I have fond memories, albeit the one I most remember involved a toilet, some “bigger” kids, and a poor “mouthy” soul who has a genuine understanding of a swirly.

Camp Cedarbrook Texas is located in the heart of Texas – Rosebud to be exact. It operates a week-long summer camp in beautiful country near the Brazos river between highway 77 and 6. Cedarbrook has a rich history of providing a fantastic Christian summer experience for kids 1st grade through high school. In fact, many campers have graduated to become volunteers for the new generation of kids.

However, Cedarbrook began to see attendance decline through the ever-growing competition of summer activities. The intuitive staff of Cedarbrook reached out to us to evaluate, optimize and revamp their marketing efforts. Cedarbrook needed to engage in the ever-changing and overwhelming world of digital marketing.

In our initial audit, we noted the need for a website revitalization. We created a UX that aimed for simpler navigation, modern, responsive graphics, a stronger video presence, and an intuitive registration process to target the 30-45-year-old parents with eligible kids. We also came up with processes that beefed up the backend communications to ease the work of the all-volunteer staff.

Finally, we introduced Cedarbrook to the wild wild world of marketing automation using open-source software called Mautic. Mautic allows us to send newsletter email blasts and rank/score recipients based on opens, clicks, and engagement. In other words, we meet the parents where they are in our marketing efforts rather than expecting them to come to us. Mautic also gives us insight into return visitors using smart, URL-tracking, lead-generating forms, and trigger notifications.

Though we’ve not reached summer 2019 to measure the results of our initial efforts, we’re excited at the dramatic difference thus far. We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves as well to continue driving parent/camper signups and volunteer recruiting.

The people of Cedarbrook Texas have a genuine heart to invest in the lives of our next generation. We’re glad we can lend a hand in continuing this legacy of admirable work.

I think I’m now in the mood to grab a guitar and sit by my fire.

 Visit Camp Cedarbrook Texas Website.


Over the past year, we’ve deepened our niche of law firm websites expanding from Southern Maryland to Waco, Temple, and Austin, Texas. We’ve worked with several high class, high integrity law firm clients on branding, web design and more. And we have more on the way! When checking out our work, you notice the trend.

Don Cotton of Cotton, Castano & Richardson came to us via referral from our fine friends at Loyal IT of Austin (shameless plug for fantastic IT co.). Don and Jason, the two firm partners, needed guidance to a solution for a common problem with law firms: how to tackle a rebrand when losing a partner. Bob Richardson, the founder of the firm years back, unfortunately, passed away. He left a larger than life legacy. The law firm needed help maintaining the integrity of Bob’s name and a well-known brand while moving ahead to establish the firm under Don and Jason’s leadership.

And they needed to do so without spending a fortune in an already expensive renaming and reorganizing endeavor.

A Trip South

We love working with Austin clients for two reasons. First, we get to visit one of the finest cities in Texas. Second, we enjoy assisting smaller law firms or businesses because Austin-based agencies are traditionally pricey (though good, undoubtedly). We know we can provide a leg-up for our client’s tough competition by offering business-building solutions in marketing and branding at a cost significantly lower than an Austin agency.

Cotton, Castano & Richardson, PLLC (formerly known as the Bob Richardson Law Firm) needed the works: new logo, website strategy and development, and – icing on the cake – a promo video to show potential clients the differentiating factor in choosing Cotton, Castano & Richardson.

The Products of our Labor

  • A simple, yet powerful statement in a logo that ties styling from the previous brand into the new, modern approach.
  • A completely re-worked website optimized for the end-user: new clients.
  • And (new to Morether!) a promotional video scripted, directed, filmed, and produced by Morether on location at their amazing office location in downtown Austin.
  • Finally we enrolled them in our online reputation management software to push out core changes (company name/website) across hundreds of online publishers to ensure no lead or search is lost to the black hole of rebranding.

Don, Jason and their staff run a fantastic law firm. We’re happy to consider them clients and look forward to walking with them to grow their presence in Austin.

 Visit CCR Website.

If you’re a law firm with a limited budget in need of branding, rebranding, online reputation work, website or marketing automation, let’s have a conversation.


Early 2018, Morether was asked to redesign the logo for McLane Children’s Hospital in Temple, TX. McLane Children’s is part of Baylor Scott & White Health. We invite you to read how this ride unfolded. 

In February we were called by Drayton McLane’s office of McLane Group for a meeting to discuss “signage for the hospital.” We’re thinking name placards or maybe way-finding signage. I mean, we’re a small 2-person agency, what more could it be?

A Wonderfully Challenging Project

Turns out it was more than name plates. Several minutes into the meeting I realized it was a rebranding project for a local hospital. This hospital is part of the largest hospital group in Texas: Baylor Scott & White.

After working with The McLane Group on their custom Christmas cards for clients, this was slightly bigger and an amazing opportunity.

McLane Children’s owes its namesake to Drayton McLane, a local businessman/philanthropist/icon in Central Texas. Mr. McLane provided key funding and vision in building McLane Children’s. The grand scheme is to become a destination for children’s health for all Texans – particularly in the gap between Dallas and Austin.

In fact, while in the midst of this project, my family utilized McLane Children’s for my daughter’s eye surgery. We were grateful to have fantastic healthcare so close.

Eyes of a Child

Speaking of my daughter’s eyes, when pondering concepts for the branding of McLane Children’s, I turned to my kids for their perspective. If kids are the primary visitors, then the hospital image needs to resonate with them first. They need to experience a sense of joy, comfort, and wonder in their surroundings – particularly in the midst of what might be the most difficult time of their life.

So, I asked my kids to compose a drawing of a train.

Temple, TX is a railroad city. It was forged through the railroad. We hear the rumble of the engine and railroad cars every day near our house.

Kids love the mystery and thrill of a train. There’s adventure and excitement wrapped in a train ride.

It seemed ideal for McLane Children’s logo branding. And when rendered with the artistic skill of a 4 & 7-year old, it’s perfect.


Original Concept Art

A Ride to the Finish

Mr. McLane agreed. As did the marketing director and team at Baylor Scott & White.

We won’t bore you with the full scope of the next 8 months of developing the branding package and external signage. However, it is worth mentioning that we’ve never been part of a branding process for such a large organization. This was new territory. So we worked with the pros at Baylor Scott & White’s go-to design agency, Siegel+Gale. They worked through initial research, trademarking, refinement and designing the branding guidelines and beyond. They were fantastic. We learned much through them.


And now the “choo choo” rides high in the sky at McLane Children’s. My kids squeal every time we drive by knowing they helped “design” the new logo. And they remind everyone of their 15 minutes of fame (read – 15 seconds) at the “unveiling” ceremony with local news stations and a photo opp.


We’re grateful to Mr. McLane, Baylor Scott & White, and Siegel+Gale for the exciting journey of designing something so meaningful for our agency, our city and our children.


Visit McLane Children’s Website.

Calvert Digestive Disease Associates Website Portfolio

We were sitting at Panera Bread in Prince Frederick, Maryland across from the two founding doctors of Calvert Digestive Disease Associates (CDDA) working on a branding and website strategy, and it was like watching a well-rehearsed stand up comedy routine. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bright have known each other for over 20 years, yet they can still make each other laugh without much effort (as well as the rest of us).

Then again, when your medical practice deals with the gastrointestinal system, a sense of humor is a must. We’ll keep the jokes to ourselves. But don’t let the humor lead you to believe Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bright take their work casually. They are some of the best GI docs in the Southern Maryland region.

Needless to say working on the branding and website design for the Dr.’s of CDDA was fabulous.

We started the process with this entertaining content strategy and discovery session over coffee. Next we moved to the branding project. Branding a digestive disease practice isn’t easy – the doctors preferred simple, yet vibrant and modern concepts – nothing cold or “medical-like.”

We believe we captured the goal precisely:


On to the Website

Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bright are well-known and respected people in Calvert County; they also run one of the only Doctor-owned GI practices in Maryland. This aspect gave us ample reason to highlight them personally on the landing page. Most medical practice websites use stock photography with happy, fake patients and doctors. We felt CDDA deserved better marketing with such stellar doctors.

We aided in crafting concise, relevant content, produced custom medical forms in PDF format for office use and download, and set up a simple, but powerful contact form for appointment requests and beyond.

Of course none of this would matter if we didn’t ensure a seamless responsive experience on mobile and tablet, which is part of the Morether process for each project.

Calvert Digestive Disease Associates Responsive Portfolio

We can attest to the professionalism of CDDA and their staff. If you visit their office, prepare for a great experience and perhaps a few laughs too.

 Visit CDDA Website.

We’re enjoying this run of medical niche lately. If you own or run a medical office and need an experienced group of medical marketers, website design, or fresh branding, step out of the waiting room and contact us today to take your practice to the next level!


For over 40 years, the Central Texas area has been graced with the hardworking people of the accounting firm, Brockway, Gersbach, Franklin & Niemeier, P.C. With that many years behind them, BGFN is more than a local business. They’re a local institution – a staple in Temple, Texas.

As a current financial client of BGFN, we understand why 40 years has come and gone with ease. And BGFN is nowhere near stopping having hired a whole gaggle of millennial employees.

Last year, we were approached by the parters to revamp their website. The site was reworked in 2012, but had 2005 written all over it in design and functionality. With the influx of new, young Temple business owners – BGFN’s target market – a new website to reach this predominantly digital audience was due.

We know accountants are detailed (how did we not know?). So the site took time to craft and perfect. We went through a slew of revisions. But we are thrilled with the final product. We believe it is outstanding and captures the heart of the financial services and customer care offered by these dedicated accountants.

The project began with a slight logo enhancement to give it a fresh facelift. We then moved to website content curation. Our time and efforts were spent in depth here in order to carefully craft a solid message capturing the legacy of 40 years. Yet we wanted to maintaining the “family” atmosphere of the company.

The message is on point.

Finally, we made the site responsive, vibrant and interesting, which are all important characteristics in reaching the target audience. We added powerful, new lead capture forms for new clients and current clients alike.


We look forward to continuing this relationship of moving BGFN into the next 40 years. But who’s counting?!

 Visit BGFN Website.


With an estimated 384,000 church congregations across the US alone, it’s no wonder there are dozens of companies who provide church website products. Yet some churches need a more customized approach. Because some churches aren’t like the rest. Impact Temple of Temple, TX is one such church.

Impact is a 3-year-old church planted by Brandon and Heidi Baker of Temple. The Baker’s have a passion for the homeless and poor of East Temple. And rather than asking the homeless to find a way across town to larger, more wealthy churches, the Baker’s planted a church right in the middle of the community. Each week Impact provides a worship gathering followed by a community meal. Impact is also making efforts to work on low-income housing and job solutions for the homeless and poor.

It’s a phenomenal movement.

Because of Impact’s um…impact…we offered to upgrade their website and provide newer tools to extend the reach of the church beyond the immediate community. We worked on more robust contact forms, a cleaner, faster look, and added a powerful calendar for church-wide and community events (Thank you The Events Calendar for your generosity!).

But it wasn’t just us.

The friendly people of Open Path Digital, a Central Texas-based Digital Marketing Agency, provided much of the content framework and pioneered the initial push to overhaul the site. Several of Open Path’s employees attend Impact as well. This has led to a productive partnership between our businesses.

Churches do have a way of bringing people together!

We hope this is a small, but helpful tool to further the mission of Impact Temple.

 Visit Impact Temple Website.

McLane Group 2017 Christmas Card

We all love getting Christmas cards. Especially cards that seem to have intentionality in the design.

Creating a personal corporate Christmas card is difficult. The challenge lies in mass producing a card, yet incorporating the personal warmth of a holiday greeting.

Overcoming this challenge was our goal for the McLane Group’s annual Christmas card we conceived and designed for 2017. Each year, Temple, TX businessman (and local icon), Drayton McLane, Jr. sends out Christmas cards to his clients. The McLane Group owns 7 companies.

We believe the idea is a wonderful gesture. And after working with McLane to produce the artwork, we now know how important the detail and design of this project is to the organization.

Kinetic Inspiration

To produce this year’s art, we took inspiration from Texas-based Kinetic Sculpture artist Jim Lapaso‘s work that graces McLane’s Temple campus. Mr. McLane had two of Jim’s sculpture’s installed on the grounds. The shape of one of these sculptures, along with the tinted light that shines through it, and Texas sky in the background served as the foundation for our Christmas card.

Business cards, brochures, and websites are our bread and butter. So this was an intriguingly creative task. We welcomed it with open arms.

If we remember correctly, the response from the McLane staff was, “I think this is the fastest we’ve ever approved our Christmas card – ever.”

We like responses like that.

McLane Group 2017 Christmas Card Back

Holly Parker Realtor Website-Portfolio-2

When we opted to open Morether in Temple, TX, just between Waco and Austin, my family needed a home. But I’m not a normal home-shopper. I’m not in the market for the latest HGTV craze and shiplap and farmhouse sinks. No, I love mid-century modern. And I love something to work on. Some might say a “project.”

We needed a particular REALTOR®. We found that in Holly Parker. Holly was the second real estate agent we called, and the only one who returned our call. We had a small window of time to shop, and she was a champion.

We all know the real estate agent who’s always on his or her phone, seems highly disinterested in homes you want to see, and appears inconvenienced by questions or concerns. Or we know those who are overtly aggressive and pushy and are merely looking for the next lead.

Not Holly. She calmly tolerated us (me) and took us on the journey that eventually led to our new home.

Now this feels more like a client review than a portfolio post. However, one of our passions at Morether is connecting with local, small, start-up businesses. And we seek businesses with men and women of integrity at the helm. Holly is one of those persons. She’s assertive, yet calm and collected in the nutty real estate environment. She does what she says she’s going to do. And isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it.

So she came to us to rev up her marketing efforts, particularly her social presence and web strategy.

Holly Parker Realtor Mobile Portfolio

To work within a startup budget restraint, we crafted a simple, one-page microsite with a powerful lead-generating contact form for buyers or sellers. In the future, we will integrate a content creation strategy to boost rankings as well as searchable IDX features.

The real estate experience is hectic and even downright awful. So we used calming language, colors and imagery to install confidence in what Holly offers, namely a start-to-finish amazing experience purchasing or selling a home or property.

As we install new phases into Holly’s site, we’ll be thrilled to see her business expand and reach the Central Texas community.

If you’re a REALTOR® and are interested in further reach and engagement, we’d love to start the conversation. Click below.

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 Visit Holly Parker’s Website.