Calvert Digestive Disease Associates Website Portfolio

We were sitting at Panera Bread in Prince Frederick, Maryland across from the two founding doctors of Calvert Digestive Disease Associates (CDDA) working on a branding and website strategy, and it was like watching a well-rehearsed stand up comedy routine. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bright have known each other for over 20 years, yet they can still make each other laugh without much effort (as well as the rest of us).

Then again, when your medical practice deals with the gastrointestinal system, a sense of humor is a must. We’ll keep the jokes to ourselves. But don’t let the humor lead you to believe Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bright take their work casually. They are some of the best GI docs in the Southern Maryland region.

Needless to say working on the branding and website design for the Dr.’s of CDDA was fabulous.

We started the process with this entertaining content strategy and discovery session over coffee. Next we moved to the branding project. Branding a digestive disease practice isn’t easy – the doctors preferred simple, yet vibrant and modern concepts – nothing cold or “medical-like.”

We believe we captured the goal precisely:


On to the Website

Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bright are well-known and respected people in Calvert County; they also run one of the only Doctor-owned GI practices in Maryland. This aspect gave us ample reason to highlight them personally on the landing page. Most medical practice websites use stock photography with happy, fake patients and doctors. We felt CDDA deserved better marketing with such stellar doctors.

We aided in crafting concise, relevant content, produced custom medical forms in PDF format for office use and download, and set up a simple, but powerful contact form for appointment requests and beyond.

Of course none of this would matter if we didn’t ensure a seamless responsive experience on mobile and tablet, which is part of the Morether process for each project.

Calvert Digestive Disease Associates Responsive Portfolio

We can attest to the professionalism of CDDA and their staff. If you visit their office, prepare for a great experience and perhaps a few laughs too.

 Visit CDDA Website.

We’re enjoying this run of medical niche lately. If you own or run a medical office and need an experienced group of medical marketers, website design, or fresh branding, step out of the waiting room and contact us today to take your practice to the next level!