For Angela, the owner and visionary behind EVERNIQ, starting a unique jewelry curating company has become quite the labor of love. Fortunately, she’s well on her way after we spent a season (or two) crafting her branding and launching her e-commerce website.

Launching a Dream

Angela, a fellow Temple, TX resident, began her journey to launch her online boutique jewelry company years ago with a dream. I met Angela over a Starbucks brew. After reading her business plan and listening to her pour over her goals and vision, I knew she was driven to make this dream a reality.

Angela is very gifted. Gifted as in you know right away her intelligence surpasses your own. But she’s also creative. A rare combo. When you hop over to her website and see the gorgeous pieces of jewelry she’s curated for her store, you’ll see my point…but not yet…keep reading.

Combing through dozens of resources, Angela discovers and purchases rare, antique and fine jewelry from all over the country. All of the pieces are professionally appraised and cleaned for resale. She has quite the eye for value and significance. Think legacy/generation-type jewelry.

Journey of Lessons

Angela approached us for a branding and web development quote. Angela is meticulous – she did her research. After procuring several local web and logo design quotes, she landed with Morether on the project.

For us, helping local start-up businesses with their marketing goals is a top motivator.

Unfortunately, a previous firm who started her initial branding had failed to provide Angela with enough trademark research. The brand name she started with was in use.

We spent several painstaking months mulling over various name ideas. Nothing stuck. The final concept came to me as I watched my 4-year old daughter playing with her jewelry – placing her prized possessions into tiny jewelry boxes. “EVERNIQ” is a combination of “forever” and “unique.” It seemed like a perfect fit for a legacy jewelry company.

Angela agreed.

Time for Business

With the business name under our belt we pushed into creative mode. We started with the logo and branding. A jewelry company with amazingly beautiful pieces needs something elegant, simple, and classy for its brand.


Next we tackled the jewelry photography and website. We partnered up with a local friend/marketing guru/jewelry expert extraordinaire, Jen Williams. Jen has years of expertise, not to mention a fantastic eye for capturing perfect jewelry photos.

Finally, we dove into the website design and development, topping it with a robust WooCommerce storefront solution. We carefully crafted and revised the content to find Angela’s voice and tone. We tweaked and perfected details until time to go live.

Nearly a year after our Starbucks brew, EVERNIQ is in business and Angela has taken a huge step towards her dream. Did we say how much we love bringing dreams to life?

NOW go look at Angela’s EVERNIQ site. It’s awesome. Buy something. Buy two somethings. We dare you to pick a fav.

Visit EVERNIQ Website.

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