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From marketing strategies, website development, to branding design, Morether Creative will journey with you. Whether you’re at the launch of your dream business, or revamping a lifelong endeavor, allow us to take on a portion of the load.
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Web Packages

Web Strategy

Not all websites are created equal. We’ll help you find the “sweet spot” for your web strategy. Often agencies offer techie jargon nobody understands, leaving you a site with heavy animation, needless parallax (isn’t that a medicine?), odd layout, and content nobody reads.

That’s not getting you morether.

Morether crafts a site centered on you. We ask “who” and “why” to develop the site “personality.” Next, we craft the user experience and ensure your site is responsive on phones, tablets, and desktop (perhaps not mom’s 1997 Windows machine).

Finally we make it look beautiful. Design without art is like Bono without The Edge. It’s unthinkable.

Our product is a happy business owner.

Design & Development

Heard the buzzword design thinking? While we believe in design thinking, we also believe there’s not one-size-fits-all process for each website. We design around you. We want you successful and stress free…

Though your 3-year-old’s earth-shattering tantrums is all you.


A gorgeous site with no visitors is like Turks & Caicos with no tourists. We’ll help drive visitors to your site and let you know when they do visit your site.

We’re travel agents for websites.
Without rum. Unfortunately.

Hosting, Support & Email

Up late again with support from who knows where? Get your time back. Host your website and email with us. Our hosting provides peace of mind your site is fast, secure, functional, and hacker-free. We build sites on the WordPress platform and our hosting is optimized for such. We also provide simple, powerful G-Suite email on the Google Gmail platform. Easy peasy.

“You are number 288 in queue, with a wait time of 94 Hours. Thank you for your patience.” Nope.

Content Management

There’s nothing worse than an out-of-date website. Allow us the privilege of crafting relevant, SEO-friendly content. We’ll collaborate, learn your business, and write content your clients will gobble up.

Web Package Pricing

Consultation, 1-3 page basic “Business Card” Website with 1 form (hosting/domain costs are extra).
$1000 – $1500
Consultation, wireframe User Experience Prototype, 3-5 page marketing/information site with enhanced functionality such as social media integration, 2-4 forms, Call To Action, basic SEO work (hosting/domain costs are extra).
$1500 – $5000
Above + team collaboration on content, Call To Action planning, up to 20 pages, 4-8 lead generating forms, SEO strategy and implementation, and enhanced functionality such as basic e-commerce, real estate IDX integration, etc. (hosting/domain costs are extra)
$5000 – $10,000
Web Hosting, Support, & Email
Description (See full list and pricing in this PDF document)
Peace of mind that your site is updated and fully operational. Secure, fast, reliable, hacker-free hosting. Monthly communication with client, and real live-person support! Plus many more benefits as seen in this PDF document.
Get more out of your site! Above benefits + customized Google Analytics report and monthly phone or in-person consultation. We’ll work on basic SEO-friendly content to add. (up to 3 creative hours).
Above benefits + working together on content strategies to not only meet client needs, but improve SEO results. Includes 1 client consult and 1 SEO strategy implemented.

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Design & Branding

Logo Design

“One of my employee’s kids has dabbled in Photoshop.” Friends don’t let friends’ kids design their logo. Think of your logo as your face – the first thing your customers and clients notice. A logo is pure power.

We’d love to put your best…er…face forward.

Branding Strategy

Wait, there’s more to this than a logo? Well yes, there’s more to you than your face. We’ll round out your company message and persona. We’ll give you a language and shape your image out of the culture you’ve worked hard to create.

Print Design

Print marketing is the veteran slugger on the bench. He pinch hits and powers a shot over right field a mile. He’s not as potent as he once was, but at the right time, he pulls through. Postcards, direct mail, business cards, letterhead, brochures – all powerful and relevant marketing.


Print’s younger cousin, for the brick and mortar store, precise, attractive signage is a must. We’ll help you visualize your message loud and clear with architectural signage, banners, directional signs and more.

Social Media Graphics

Nothing like working weeks on your website with high-end, pro-grade graphics then jamming up Facebook with pixelated logos, photos and cheesewad promotions.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We’ll help by providing gorgeous graphics for your social media needs.

Design Package Pricing

Branding consultation, logo design (3 variations), final toolbox and guidelines.
$500 – $1000
Above + print marketing media: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, signage (actual printing costs are extra).
+ $400
Above + team collaboration to craft branding collateral & content (i.e. company brochure, marketing slicks and folder).
+ $1000 and up
Social Media Graphics
Monthly Package
Nothing says amateur like a photo that looks unprofessional. We take up to 8 photos or graphics and give them a pro touch keeping your social media presence spot on.

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Marketing Strategy

These are wild days. Never in our history have we been so inundated with information via so many channels.

Like drinking from a firehose…

We’ll discuss your dreams and how to get there. We’ll walk with you on your journey, perhaps share the burden and encourage you to reach your business and marketing goals.

Social Media

Social media is here to stay. And these days it’s more than taking photos or thinking of pith, tossing it online and asking mom to share it.

Is it ok to delete my MySpace page?

Let’s work on a plan to discover the best social media channels for your company and make it happen.

Email Campaigns

Oddly, email is still amazingly effective marketing. That is, email with good content. We’ll work with you to get a plan in place, decide on software, craft sharp-looking content-rich email, shoot it out, and watch the fireworks.

Philanthropy Marketing

Which is…? Philanthropy marketing shows the world you care about something other than your next dollar. Potential clients want to know how you’re improving life in your community, not just your customer base. We know you’re compassionate. Let us bring out your inner Mother Teresa.

Marketing Package Pricing

Social Media Packages
We take away the headache of setting up your social media accounts, crafting relevant content, and posting to appropriate social networks.
Above + we send you an Analytics report, retouch up to 8 photos, and give you a call to provide insight and accountability so you know you’re not barking up the wrong tree!
Above + collaboration on creating relevant content to meet client needs and improve SEO results on your website.
2 hour consultation with client resulting in one simple ad campaign through print or online channel.
$600 – $1500
Two consultation sessions with client to discover marketing goal, strategy, and tactic. Collateral produced for 2-3 channels (web, social, or print).
$1500 – $3000
Above + team collaboration and evaluation of core business mission, vision, values to discover goals, strategies, and tactics to craft ad campaign. Discover and analyze target persona. Collateral produced for all ideal channels.
$3000 and up

Small Business. Big Marketing.
What Morether could you ask for?

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