Bulldog Auto Detailing Website

We’ve worked on a litany of industries, from vacation rentals to financial advisors. But this one was one of the coolest.

Bulldog Auto Detailing has four locations in Central Texas – Waco, Temple, Clifton, and Leander. They detail some of the sweetest rides in the area – like Lambos, Texas trucks, Porche’s, classic cars, and even the family’s cheerio-infested SUV.

The Challenge: Two many websites 

Bulldog had a problem, however. They had two websites, and neither was getting the job done.

A local marketing company with national roots talked them into a long-term contract which provided little benefit to Bulldog.

So they built another site on a different platform. And the Google gods disapproved.

Their local SEO suffered, and (worse) prospects who looked them up had no clue which site was the real Bulldog.

The Solution: If Ryan Reynolds wrote your website 

After our StoryBrand session, our writers, the team at Felty, Co., crushed the copy by writing in the style of Ryan Reynolds, per the client’s request, of course. 

After messaging, we designed their website from scratch using photos of beautifully-cleaned vehicles and boats. 

Finally, we built a lean, speedy website in WordPress and watched the leads pour in. 

Their website reflects the crazy cool work they do on cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and even RVs. And clients are no longer confused by two poorly-messaged and unappealing websites.

Visit the Bulldog Auto Detailing Website.

If your website doesn’t reflect the quality of your product or company, you may be losing customers. Your website is the most important digital asset you own. It’s the launchpad of your marketing. Don’t hope for the best – get it right!

We’ll work to improve your web presence, beginning with your messaging, moving to a custom-designed and developed website. Don’t let any more time slip by without bringing your website up to speed!

Because…when your car (and your website) looks good, you look good.