When your agency’s older website project does your marketing for you, it’s a total win! The partners and staff at Baldwin, Briscoe & Steinmetz discovered a law firm website we completed nearly 4 years ago and reached out to Morether seeking a dramatic overhaul of their dated site.

Content Galore

Back in the ancient 2010’s, the ruling SEO strategy was creating (or plagiarizing) a plethora of content and jamming it onto way too many pages so Google would crawl your site, discover you not only know about your profession, but you’re also an expert on your city, community, and local pet store as well. If it provides page hits, write about it!

Fortunately for website designers and content strategists, Google wised up and favors content in a website that matters to – low and behold – the person actually seeking the content.

Thank you, Google.

We had quite a stack of content to plow through in the early stages of Baldwin, Briscoe, & Steinmetz’s website re-design. It wasn’t bad content, but far too much and irrelevant to the target audience.

The content is still a work in progress, but as it’s now in the more manageable WordPress CMS, our client is happily doing the deed of editing to create a client-centric experience.

Conversion, Conversion, Conversion

After several law firm website designs, we’ve realized the “request for a consultation” with the firm is paramount in conversion. Duh. But you’d be surprised how many site designs overlook that fact. Browsing analytics from other law firm websites, we see a path straight to the lead gen form requesting a phone call or email back. Simple as that.

We planted a simple form right in the hero image rather than take up space with photos of partners or staff. It’s working well with multiple leads already coming in each week.

A Seat on the Bench(marking)

After wrapping up the strategy, design, and build of the website, we gave our client powerful tools to make ongoing, intelligent digital marketing decisions. A website that sits for months without new content rots. Don’t expect better conversion results or SERP rank increasing if you’re not tweaking and adding new, relevant, targeted content.

That’s easier said than done – so as a service of our monthly care plan, we provide an intuitive Google DataStudio report pulling in analytics and search query keywords to give our clients a snapshot of what’s going on and where to focus inbound marketing efforts.

It sounds crazy simple, but we love seeing lightbulbs go off when clients realize they aren’t in the dark any longer in ad spend or blog topics.

This also allows for powerful benchmarking when deepening marketing efforts for a practice area, such as personal injury or government contracts.

Good Growing

Southern Maryland is one of the fastest growing areas in the DC region. This means ample opportunity for forward-thinking law firms like Baldwin, Briscoe & Steinmetz. We’ll continue to provide the creative wheelhouse they need to be a viable law firm for years.

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If you’re a law firm in Maryland, Central Texas, Austin or Waco and beyond, we’ve discovered and implemented some powerful strategies, techniques and tools that provide healthy growth for your practice. Reach out today for a conversation!