Tonya King Insurance Website Portfolio

We connected with Tonya King in our Master Networks Temple business group. Tonya is an educator at heart and diligently uses that superpower to care for her insurance customers.

She’s also an avid Roller Derby competitor, so we’re slightly scared of her.

But like many insurance agencies that operate under a parent brand, Tonya got restless when it came to growing her company.

The Challenge: Insurance Autonomy

In 2022, she decided to take the plunge and launch her agency. By owning her agency, she can better advocate for her customers rather than catering to the insurance company’s directives.

But stepping outside the protection of a big brand means you have to get your marketing in shape to compete.

And that’s precisely what we did.

The Solution: “Go with the King”

First, we created a classy new logo that reflected Tonya’s punchy tagline, “When you need insurance, go with the King.”

Tonya King Insurance Group Logo
Next, we embarked on a StoryBrand journey to reveal how Tonya stands out in a sea of insurance agents. Our fav writer, Jill Felty with then cooked up some amazing copy for the website – a critical step to stand out.

Side note: StoryBrand is the perfect tool to uncover the value stack that positions you uniquely in an industry with high saturation, like insurance, real estate, and loan officers. 

Finally, we built a custom WordPress website to help grow a lead list she owns and nurtures, not a large corporate brand. 

Tonya has a genuine affection for her customers. She has a warmth that translates into a helpful approach to a mundane task – shopping for and purchasing insurance. 

We believe we captured her unique method with her brand, messaging, and website. 

Visit Tonya King Insurance Website >>

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