Harsh economic times forge better businesses

Stock Chart with Lipstick Pen

Do you know how it feels like the world is working against small business owners?

Yeah, we feel it too, and it drives us crazy.  

It’s summer 2022, and we are likely headed into a recession. My wife bought lipstick recently, so the signs are showing. We can feel the effects – inflation, gas prices, blah, blah.

But as scrappy business owners in Central Texas, we’re built a little differently.

Mike Michalowicz calls this the “Mass Shock” phase. We can’t believe it’s happening – again. The sky is falling – again. Fight or flight – again.

But here’s the deal: we’ve been through this. Some of you have been through this a few times. And there are two responses:

  1. Bury your head and hope for the best
  2. Push onward and leverage the situation to improve your business, customer reach, and impact

In 2006, I purchased my first home, and in 2008, the housing market crashed. I had a rotten mortgage in an overpriced townhouse. Long story short, we weathered it, but my loan officer and agent didn’t. They’re no longer in real estate.  

Harsh economic times forge better businesses. It’s that simple.  

As for us at Morether, we will press forward because we can’t help it. We’re an agency obsessed with our client’s success – in the good times and the bad.  

So, how can we help our small business friends through this?

  • Can we take a glance at your website and messaging to make sure your tone is relevant in harsh economic times?
  • Can we give you ideas on how to grow your email list so you can communicate quickly with customers?  
  • What about an outside perspective to evaluate the channels you’re using to reach your audience?

Marketing is “air cover” for your business. Marketing flies ahead in the battle to make the infantry more successful. Don’t “ground” your air cover – don’t quit your marketing. If you withdraw, your competitor will smell weakness and force you to give up hard-earned ground.  

Stay strong. Keep fighting. Our country needs small businesses like yours.

We’re serious about lending a hand. Reach out to our team and let us know how we can help.