With an estimated 384,000 church congregations across the US alone, it's no wonder there are dozens of companies who provide church website products. Yet some churches need a more customized approach. Because some churches aren't like the rest. Impact Temple of Temple, TX is one such church.

Impact is a 3-year-old church planted by Brandon and Heidi Baker of Temple. The Baker's have a passion for the homeless and poor of East Temple. And rather than asking the homeless to find a way across town to larger, more wealthy churches, the Baker's planted a church right in the middle of the community. Each week Impact provides a worship gathering followed by a community meal. Impact is also making efforts to work on low-income housing and job solutions for the homeless and poor.

It's a phenomenal movement.

Because of Impact's um...impact...we offered to upgrade their website and provide newer tools to extend the reach of the church beyond the immediate community. We worked on more robust contact forms, a cleaner, faster look, and added a powerful calendar for church-wide and community events (Thank you The Events Calendar for your generosity!).

But it wasn't just us.

The friendly people of Open Path Digital, a Central Texas-based Digital Marketing Agency, provided much of the content framework and pioneered the initial push to overhaul the site. Several of Open Path's employees attend Impact as well. This has led to a productive partnership between our businesses.

Churches do have a way of bringing people together!

We hope this is a small, but helpful tool to further the mission of Impact Temple.

 Visit Impact Temple Website.