Warm Cookie Company Website

If you’re going to gain weight, you might as well make money doing it.

That was our reasoning when taking on the Warm Cookie Co. website and re-branding project.

Warm Cookie Co., led by Andrew and Kylie Johnson of Temple, TX, is a local favorite for families, college kids, high schoolers, and everyone in-between.

Andrew and Kylie purchased Warm Cookie Co. from the previous owners in 2020. So who buys a restaurant during a pandemic? We’ll tell you who – these two crazy entrepreneurs.

Good call. So far, they’re killing it.

The Challenge: Get more cookies to more customers

Something was off with the marketing for Warm Cookie, however. The Johnsons dream of a more spacious location and a wider brand reach. But the old brand felt unprofessional, and the website was clunky and difficult for customers to navigate and place orders.

Even with yummy cookies, bad marketing will cause customers to lose their appetite.

With tired branding and a less-than-ideal website, Warm Cookie needed help.

The Solution: Everybody deserves a good cookie 

We engaged our favorite brand identity guru, John Ciaburri of Belton, to whip out a logo to take their brand up several notches.

John never disappoints. Warm cookie’s new brand is fresh, fun, and embodies their culture nicely.

Next, our team extracted them from a national marketing company providing mediocre results – the same company Bulldog used.

Finally, with Jill and her writers at Felty, Co., we wrote, designed, and developed a website that would tempt the most determined dieter to cave for gooey cookie goodness.

Did we gain 2-20lbs researching the product? Maybe. Who’s to say. But in the end, helping a local couple achieve their dreams of small-business ownership was worth the effort.

You won’t hear us complain.

Visit the Warm Cookie Co. Website.

If your website doesn’t reflect the quality of your product or company, you may be losing customers. Your website is the most important digital asset you own. It’s the launchpad of your marketing. Don’t hope for the best – get it right!

We’ll work to improve your brand and web presence, beginning with your messaging and a custom-designed and developed website. Give your website the attention your brand deserves!

Because…everybody deserves a good cookie.