McLane Group 2017 Christmas Card

We all love getting Christmas cards. Especially cards that seem to have intentionality in the design.

Creating a personal corporate Christmas card is difficult. The challenge lies in mass producing a card, yet incorporating the personal warmth of a holiday greeting.

Overcoming this challenge was our goal for the McLane Group’s annual Christmas card we conceived and designed for 2017. Each year, Temple, TX businessman (and local icon), Drayton McLane, Jr. sends out Christmas cards to his clients. The McLane Group owns 7 companies.

We believe the idea is a wonderful gesture. And after working with McLane to produce the artwork, we now know how important the detail and design of this project is to the organization.

Kinetic Inspiration

To produce this year’s art, we took inspiration from Texas-based Kinetic Sculpture artist Jim Lapaso‘s work that graces McLane’s Temple campus. Mr. McLane had two of Jim’s sculpture’s installed on the grounds. The shape of one of these sculptures, along with the tinted light that shines through it, and Texas sky in the background served as the foundation for our Christmas card.

Business cards, brochures, and websites are our bread and butter. So this was an intriguingly creative task. We welcomed it with open arms.

If we remember correctly, the response from the McLane staff was, “I think this is the fastest we’ve ever approved our Christmas card – ever.”

We like responses like that.

McLane Group 2017 Christmas Card Back