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McLane Baseball Picture

Couple of Baseball Studs – foam mesh hats and all.

In 2017 we started Morether after I (Daniel) moved to Temple, Texas. Most of my childhood was spent in Temple, which included baseball and soccer and church and youth groups and ski trips and on and on with good friends.

One of those friends with whom I played soccer and baseball was Patrick Johnson (evidence above). Patrick and his family have been in Temple his entire life. So I was thrilled to reconnect with Patrick when moving back. Like me, he recently started a new company. Patrick started P. Johnson Construction based in Central Texas. He’s super talented. Because of that, Patrick is the guy you want working with you on a custom home, complex remodel, or commercial construction. Especially when you’re freaking out. He’s the calm one holding everything together, providing assurance everything is fine.

When launching P. Johnson Construction, Patrick needed branding and a web presence. Not only was it a joy to work with an old friend (yes we’re old), it was also satisfying to help another local business. We worked up a professional branding image and functional website to reflect Patrick’s experience and integrity.

P Johnson Construction Branding Mark-2

Patrick’s branding is classy with a modern touch. We developed two marks for his toolbox to add versatility in advertising through traditional channels such as signage or SWAG (hats/t’s) as well as digital channels.

P Johnson Construction Branding Mark-1

Most startups balk at allocating resources on solid branding and pay the price by missing their target demographic. When honing in on families looking for a custom home or businesses seeking a remodel, one’s image can be make or break the first engagement. Patrick gets it, and we nailed his image.

P Johnson Construction Mobile Portfolio

The website will occur in two stages. As Patrick develops his construction portfolio, we’ll add evidence of his mad construction skills to give clients confidence.

P Johnson Business Cards Branding

What a privilege to not only reconnect with a buddy of 30-something years, but also provide classy branding and a functional website to start his construction company on the right foot.

Small businesses are our passion. If that’s you, partner with us today.

 Visit P. Johnson Construction Website.