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The Marketing Experts with 20/20 vision

With the help of glasses (hey, we're not perfect!)
We provide fractional marketing leadership for optometry practices tired of blowing money on bad marketing. 
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Daniel Palmer and Kelsey Taylor of Morether.

Vision is critical to your community

And so is the vision you have for the future
of your practice
But with a maxed-out schedule, it’s nearly impossible to put your brainpower toward marketing, let alone make a plan to responsibly and sustainably scale your practice. 

That’s where Morether can help. We operate as fractional CMOs for optometrists, small medical practices, and small businesses. As your marketing team, we’ll execute our proven 4-step plan that provides the expertise and power of an in-house marketing team without the full-time cost.

With dedicated marketing leadership on your side, you can continue to grow and care for your community, even after you’ve hung up your white coat.
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When you work with us, you can bet:

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Our solutions aren’t

Every practice is different. Your marketing solutions should be tailored to those differences.

We discover and are guided by the 360º view of your needs and goals rather than jamming a square product into a round hole.
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Our systems should outlive our relationship with you

We don’t believe in making you dependent on us. We’re here to make you better so that you can run a healthy business, even if – especially if – that means you don’t need us anymore.

We’ll help build systems and processes for your company that outlives our time with you.
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We’ll start your marketing team for you

Hiring an employee is tough. Hiring an employee from a field you’re not familiar with is a pain.

We’ll vet and guide your first marketing hire so that you can feel confident that your marketing is in good hands. 
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Who We Help Best

We love working with Optometry practices. However, we have an excellent track record working with industries such as: 
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“Using the StoryBrand tools, Morether does an excellent job producing a quality website. They worked hard to understand our company culture and vision. Highly recommend!”
– Dr. Clark DeShon, Olney EyeCare

The Morether Crew

Daniel C. Palmer, owner and fractional CMO
Daniel’s specialties:
Overall growth strategy and positioning

StoryBrand Messaging as a StoryBrand Certified Guide

Mentoring your marketing team 
Eating his kids’ chocolate after they’ve gone to bed
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Hi, I’m Daniel Palmer

Founder & Fractional CMO
In 2013, Daniel and his wife were in and out of ophthalmology and optometry offices with their daughter, Abigail. At two months old, she was diagnosed with neonatal cataracts. In the following years, through surgeries, exams, and therapy, they experienced the care and impact eye doctors had on Abigail’s–and their family’s–well-being. After that, Daniel knew he wanted to help elevate medical practices and businesses to impact even more people.

After 14 years working as an Arts and Executive Pastor, Daniel founded Morether to fight for the underdogs (like the Cowboys, every season). Today, he's an ally to dozens of businesses battling for sustainable, profitable growth.

Daniel is a follower of Jesus and occasionally gets back on stage with his guitar to lead worship. 

He's married to Caroline, literally, the only woman who can tolerate his driven personality (no lie). Together, they have two kids, Elijah and Abigail.

Hi, I’m Kelsey Taylor

Project Manager

Kelsey is Morether’s Project Manager, AKA the professional cat-herder. Kelsey is a systems and processes pro who thrives on well-organized spreadsheets (it’s uncanny, really).

She keeps clients happy, projects moving, and productivity humming.

Kelsey also owns a business called The Working Enneagram, which utilizes the Enneagram profile system to train business teams to grow in self-awareness and empathy. Truth is, this superpower comes in handy for the Morether team and clients.

Kelsey is married to her college sweetheart, and together, they’re raising two rowdy boys.

Kelsey Taylor, Project Manager.
Kelsey’s specialties:
Organizing and scheduling projects and collaborative meetings with clients and contractors
Ensuring projects are delivered on-time with accuracy and quality
Building marketing systems and processes for clients
Holding entire conversations in GIFs
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Caroline Queen, Marketing Strategist.
Caroline’s specialties:
Competitive analysis and industry research 
Creating a content strategy that aligns with the client’s goals 
Analyzing data and metrics to determine marketing gaps and opportunities
Working from a different coffee shop every week in the Charlotte, NC region
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Hi, I’m Caroline Queen

Marketing Strategist
Caroline is a creative strategist who feels passionate about seeing chaos transformed into clear marketing tactics that enable businesses to flourish. She thrives in asking key questions that lead to thoughtful analysis and clear vision. 

As a storyteller at heart, Caroline aims to utilize strategy and her passion for relationships to enable people and businesses to make a meaningful impact. 

Caroline is a UNC-Chapel Hill alum (go heels!) who can often be found at the nearest taco truck, thrift store, or telling stories through film.

Hi, I’m Andrew Strahl

Website Account Specialist
Andrew handles monthly support relating to client website care. He’s the guy you email when things aren’t quite right (or the guy you pat on the back when things are great!).

Andrew is blessed to be married to his best friend, Malarie. Together, they have two girls, Adelynn Mae and Emersyn Rae.
Andrew Strahl, Website Account Specialist.
Andrew’s specialties:
Website care, management, monitoring, and support
All things technical the rest of us don’t understand
Playing the bass guitar like a regular Geddy Lee 
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