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Your prescription for marketing myopia

Fractional CMOs and bulletproof implementation to make your practice the go-to in your community. 
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Optometrist working with a patient and eye chart.
Save time, cash, & hassles by training your team to manage daily marketing tasks.
Fill the critical marketing seat at the table with a qualified pro.
Clarify company objectives & collaborate more effectively with your teams.
Daniel C. Palmer, fractional CMO.

I am a Fractional CMO for Optometrists.

"When you’re focused on keeping your practice on track, there’s little time and energy left for anything else.

As your fractional CMO, I'll deliver the marketing focus of an internal staff member at a “fraction” of the investment."

- Daniel Palmer, fractional CMO
What is a Fractional CMO?

Fractional CMO Services for Optometrists, Medical Practices, and Small Businesses

Want to work with us but not ready to commit to a retainer?

90-Day Marketing Sprints

Our marketing sprints are like a turbo boost for your marketing. We’ll combine a short, intense burst of teamwork to tackle a specific marketing task.
Industry and competitive research to see how you stack up against the rest
Marketing blueprint to ensure your marketing efforts aren’t blowing cash
StoryBrand Messaging Guide to provide clarity, positioning, and direction
Ideal customer profiles and customer journey development to ensure you’re talking to the right people at the right time
A website that converts visitors to customers
Website wireframes to get the words on your site dialed in
Sales funnel to make a family out of fans
Ad campaign to move leads faster through the funnel
Fill that seat with a marketing pro!

Level 1 Fractional CMO

As your advisor, we will work with you to ensure you’re maximizing your marketing resources, staying on top of the strategies that work, and keeping up with the latest tactics to build the practice you want.
Monthly 60-minute Zoom call to talk strategy, report on outcomes, and mentor your marketing team
Weekly project management check-in
Budget planning and management
Vendor network and pricing
Marketing Toolbox for project management, analytics tracking, and content planning
Unlimited email, Google Chat, or Slack support
6 month commitment required
Get it all done for you!

Level 2 Fractional CMO

We bring years of strategy and execution, a robust vendor network, and a healthy dose of sarcasm as your marketing department.
Everything from Level 1, plus … 
Manage the delivery of marketing assets and tactics, such as your website, campaigns, email, social media, video, and more. 
Weekly leadership meeting participation
6 month commitment required
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Who We Help Best

We love working with Optometry practices. However, we have an excellent track record working with industries such as: 
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“Using the StoryBrand tools, Morether does an excellent job producing a quality website. They worked hard to understand our company culture and vision. Highly recommend!”
– Dr. Clark DeShon, Olney EyeCare

The “No Fine Print, Just Better Results” Marketing Guarantee

If, after 90 days, you think we stink, Daniel will personally work with you for the next 90 days at no cost to get your marketing on track.

Timely feedback

Your team provides feedback within 48 hours of delivery.

Quick responses

You and your team respond to messages within 24 hours.


You perform the tasks we assign on time to move initiatives forward.
What have you got to lose?

Your path to a thriving practice starts here

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The Morether team: Kelsey Taylor, Daniel C. Palmer, and Caroline Queen.
1. Book a discovery call
We’ll spend 60 minutes together to find out what you need – and if that’s a match for our capabilities.
2. Get a plan
You’re unique, so we’ll create a custom plan to deliver maximum marketing returns for your hard-earned bucks.
3. Grow your practice
As you get your marketing on track, you’ll soak up the rewards of new patients, more sales, and a calculated strategic growth track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep! We work with small medical offices, Hot Spring® Hot Tub Dealers (yes random, but hey, we can do it!), Direct to Consumer Manufacturers and other B2C companies. 

We're a great fit for semi-established companies of $1 million in annual revenue or more with a monthly marketing budget of $5K+. 
You wouldn’t jump straight to marriage, would you? Us, either. And while six months would be a quick engagement, for us, it’s the perfect amount of time to get to know you (and you to know us) to build the marketing foundation to take your business to the next level. 
That’s cool. That’s why we’re here! That will be one of the first conversations we have. Using historical data we’ll work on a budget that will stretch you, but get you the growth results you’re looking for. 
Sure! We call them marketing sprints. A marketing sprint solves a specific marketing problem. Some examples are Messaging and Positioning, Ideal Customer Profile, Customer Journey, Website Development, Ad Campaigns, and more. 

Often a marketing sprint will uncover other problems to solve. When that happens, we can run another sprint, or if you like our work, we can jump into Fractional CMO work.
As a doctor and business owner you know that’s a tough question to answer. Much of it depends on the state of your business or practice when launching with us. Some of it depends on your budget, your availability, and customer experience. 

We cannot guarantee exact results. What we can promise is that you will get our full attention and expertise everytime we show up. In fact, we actually guarantee it. If you’re unhappy with how the first three months of your retainer plays out, you get three more months of Daniel’s time at no cost. 
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