WMB or Witt, McGregor, & Bourland, P.L.L.C. is a law firm based in Waco, Texas and serve all of Central Texas from Hillsboro to Austin and even DFW. Michael Bourland, the partner approached us some time ago to redesign the website. The old site was dated, information was no longer relevant and they needed a modern appeal. The firm hired several young attorneys, and their demographic has shifted slightly in the past 8 years.

Witt, McGregor, Bourland, PLLC Branding Portfolio

We encouraged WMB to re-work not only the website but their branding as well. We steered away from the classic, serif law firm persona and dove headfirst into a modern, elegant approach using peace-producing grays and blues that elaborate on the stability of the firm. They loved it and so do we. We believe the branding and site are a fresh approach to what is normally a stiff industry.

Witt, McGregor, Bourland, PLLC Responsive Website Portfolio

A responsive site was a must for WMB.

The site is SEO-friendly – necessary in a competitive market and features a monthly blog and robust forms; it's mobile-responsive, so immediate leads are easy and fast.

WMB is a quality law firm and one of several law firms we've equipped. If you'd like us to work with your law firm on your web presence and marketing strategy, have your lawyer call my lawyer. Just kidding. Contact us below.

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See WMB Website here.