Run Smarter Website Portfolio

As the world has fought off the pandemic of 2020, one bright side is the crop of entrepreneurs that have sprung up.

Brodie Sharpe, our first Australian client, is one of those young businesses. Brodie started The Run Smarter Series as a resource for runners. He writes and produces online courses to help runners with better techniques to heal and avoid injury.

But Brodie, like many entrepreneurs got stuck on his marketing, particularly with his message and website for the launch of his new online classes.

Brodie came to us through the Marketing Made Simple website–a convert of the Donald Miller StoryBrand framework. Daniel Palmer, our owner and StoryBrand Guide, worked with Brodie to create a message that would resonate with runners all over the world who need a guide to get back to their love–running (be it known that our team does not understand a “love” for running unless someone is chasing us with a knife or there’s a red light on at the local Krispy Kreme).

The Solution

The Morether helped Run Smarter Online build the following marketing assets:

  • Messaging Framework for the website to provide clarity for prospects looking for a guide
  • Website wireframe and custom design to match his brand
  • A fast, responsive website built into WordPress
  • Ongoing hosting and care to ensure his website is making him money even when he sleeps

Brodie and his company The Run Smarter Series have a solid foundation to make the most of 2020 and build a business poised to grow and flourish for a long time.

Visit The Run Smarter Series Website.

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