Temple Wildcat Wellness Logo

This was a challenge, but one of those rare moments when really digging into the client’s request for a new “Temple Wildcat Wellness” program – reading and re-reading the desired outcome paid off. Like, “only-45-minutes-of-work” paid off. The Temple Texas ISD HR department requested a design of a logo for their new Wellness Program. The request included incorporating the “Temple Wildcat Blue”, the block serif font for the “Temple,” which is what Temple ISD’s unofficial/official font is, yet giving it a soft, moving logo to get one in the mindset of eating well, exercising, and keeping a mindset of peace and health.

Not an easy task.

But after studying the request and sketching out (literally…drawing…why don’t we do this any more?) idea after idea, the logo seemed to fall in place. And the team at Temple ISD was happy in one shot. No revisions, no “let me see what else you can do.” No “let me see what my nephew can do in Photoshop.” Just a satisfied customer.

A miracle in July.