Remember You Matter, LLC - Logo

One of the privileges of working with small businesses in logo design and marketing is uncovering the passion of starry-eyed dreamers. The owner and creator of Remember You Matter, LLC is such a person.

We spent time covering her graphic design needs – particularly branding (logos, business cards, brochure) – via a few phone calls. From the beginning, her enthusiasm for this new endeavor was clearly conveyed. Remember You Matter is a Central Texas-based business providing life coaching services, mentoring, and consulting. The owner is currently an Occupational Therapist, so she has life experience and wisdom needed to bring out the best in others. Or as she says – “encourage a life that flourishes from the inside out.”

We like that.

In our design for her logo, we chose soothing, yet vibrant colors – the color of life: comforting green, vibrant orange, and deep woody colors. The font we chose  professionally demonstrates stability, yet is organic, almost crooked – like the shape of a tree, an icon of permanence, hope and growth.

On a more practical note, the logo will be reproduced on t-shirt, mugs, and other materials, so a design that reproduces well in one color was also a core value in developing her logo.

Remember You Matter will also work with kids and teens giving them a breath of hope in determining their future. Thus we developed an offshoot logo for Remember You Matter KIDS seen below.

Remember You Matter Kids - Logo

This is a fun project – something different. It is truly a joy to work with this new Killeen, Texas business owner in her early marketing work. We genuinely look forward to witnessing the impact she’ll bring through her gift of providing direction and inspiration to others.

Do you have a dream business of your own, but just need to know where to start? If so, let’s talk…

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