Websites can get old quickly when you're busy. For KPA Engineers based in Temple, TX, this is exactly what happened. They are an engineering firm that works with Texas-based municipalities. They have grown consistently for years – so a new website was put on the back burner.

But by 2020, it was time.

The Challenge: How do you make an engineering site exciting?

Let's face it, engineering isn't on the top 20 list of most exciting things to talk about. But KPA solves a lot of problems for a lot of people (like keeping people from getting injured on roadways and creating fun spaces for an entire community).

The Solution

Here's the plan on how to create a compelling website about engineering:

  1. Find out who the audience is and focus on the customer. For KPA, it is City Managers in local Central Texas municipalities. Got it. Done.
  2. Find their pain point – what keeps them from doing their job well? There were many, but getting projects done on time and wowing their community were the top two.
  3. Build a rocking website that captures all of the above and builds authority with their audience, which is where our team arrived.

As always, we started with the StoryBrand framework to clarify the way KPA solves a lot of problems for their customers. We then created a beautiful design that reflected the type of work KPA regularly produces.

Now they've got a website that matches their stellar community reputation to replace an outdated, stagnated website.

With customer-centric StoryBrand messaging, a website that's fast, beautiful, KPA Engineers is positioned to continue creating safe, enjoyable community spaces for years to come..

Visit the KPA Engineers Website.

If you have a website that's showing its age, now's the time to make some changes! You may think your company solves boring problems. Guess what? The problem you uniquely solve is more meaningful and exciting than you think. We'll work to improve your web presence, beginning with your messaging, moving to a custom-designed and developed website. Don't let another year slip by without bringing your website up to speed!