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Guest Cottage Cocoa Beach, FL Branding LogoWe were approached by a good friend to improve the marketing capacity and presence of a beautiful little beach cottage on the shores of Cocoa Beach, Florida – The Guest Cottage. We tried to barter a month stay in exchange for the branding and website, but they realized we were getting the better deal, so they politely declined. Nonetheless, someday, we’re going to visit to soak in some Florida sun. Yes we have Temple, Texas sun, but without rolling Atlantic waves to cool us off, it’s worthless. It’s not fair. But I digress.

Cocoa Beach, FL is a fun city on the coast, so our logo for Guest Cottage had to reflect that: bold, beautiful colors pulled from the decor of the cottage, a carefree font, and loads of white space – reminds us of sitting at a local beach restaurant sipping a mimosa or Landshark with plenty of white space on the mind.


Again, I’ve strayed.

Our client wanted more control over bookings and marketing than vacation rental giants Travelocity, VRBO, and Airbnb allow, so we dove into branding and website headfirst. We set up booking for the site, giving the owners complete control and communication with potential vacationers. We ensured the site was designed with mobile responsiveness at the forefront so when sitting in the middle of a nasty March snowstorm in Chicago, one may grab a phone and book that trip to Cocoa Beach. Done. Easy.

Finally, we followed with simple business cards and rack cards to distribute to local Cocoa Beach businesses and attack one more marketing channel in a town where word of mouth is still king.

Enjoy the site, but be careful: you’ll soon be clicking the “Get Away Now” button and hopping on a plane bound for sunny Florida. See you there.

Guest Cottage Cocoa Beach, FL Brochure and Business Cards Marketing Collateral

Guest Cottage Cocoa Beach, FL Brochure and Business Cards Marketing Collateral

Guest Cottage Website Responsive - Portfolio

Guest Cottage Responsive Website

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