Crow Entertainment is a Professional DJ and Production Company based in Huntingtown, MD. Crow is run by entrepreneur Brian McDaniel also of Huntingtown. How do you become a professional DJ? Aren't you supposed to call your second cousin to round up a few great tunes on their phone and plug it into a Peavey sound system borrowed from the uncle who used to have a Guns N Roses cover band? Right? That's the standard that Brian and his team have shattered by providing amazing customer service and attention to detail in building Crow Entertainment. Crow's events are unsurpassed in excellence and quality and possess a huge dose of fun and top-notch DJ's.

That's how you become a fully employed Professional DJ and Production Company.

But enough about Crow. This website has been a back-burner project for both of our companies. When running your own business, promoting and creating powerful marketing channels, such as high quality website, are difficult in the middle of payroll, finances, meeting with clients, and so on.

So it's a joy to release this site with Brian. We combed through video footage, photos, and tweaked content to keep Crow's SEO content high, but ensure we meet client's needs first. This site captures their professional persona, yet also shows Crow's product is nothing short of amazing and fun.

Knowing a predominant amount of Crow's clients are young and use phones nearly exclusively, we tackled the design of this product by developing desktop side by side with mobile responsiveness. The hamburger menu keeps the page clean but provides easy nav through desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Glad to finish this website development project with a quality DJ company.

Crow Entertainment Responsive Website - Portfolio

Crow Entertainment Responsive Website

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