CGI Franchise is a Temple, TX-based business that developed the Recruitment Operating System® to grow franchise brand’s recruitment success. Founded in 2015, CGI Franchise has seen phenomenal growth in the franchise world. Morether Creative Agency provides oversight, training, creative input, and a set of processes and systems to take the angst out of marketing for small businesses producing measurable and steady growth. 


With a proven business model and product, CGI Franchise saw phenomenal growth from 2015 through early 2019. Most of CGI Franchise’s growth came through industry-specific contacts and referral-based conversations. While CEO Art Coley and COO Jenny Langfeld were no strangers to the industry, they knew they needed to solidify their marketing message and strategy in order to continue the growth. 

In 2019, the status of CGI Franchise’s marketing was a simple website and several videos on YouTube. Because of the lack of clarity and assets, the question often posed by prospects to Coley was, “So, what does your company do?”

Coley explains, “Before Daniel and his team came on, I found myself having the same conversation with potential clients explaining the CGI Franchise method. Frankly, it ate up valuable time with the prospect and led to a longer sales cycle and even drop off. We needed a good message built into helpful, effective assets.”

In May of 2019 CGI Franchise had 6 clients, or “Brand Partners.” To achieve company goals, Coley and his team were looking to double that. To do so meant incorporating a marketing system that reduced the sales cycle and presented a clear message of who CGI Franchise is and the value they provide. Finally, this marketing success needed to be tracked in tangible KPIs.


In May of 2019, Coley reached out to Morether President, Daniel Palmer to align their marketing efforts with the value of their product. Morether and CGIF agreed to a marketing strategy that would entail: 

  • Clarifying CGIF’s value proposition and message across marketing channels 
  • An overhaul and restructuring of the website to produce a powerful sales enablement tool with a clear message
  • Video production to capture the company vision and authority-building testimonials from Brand Partners
  • Initiating a structured social media strategy and execution to engage with Brand Partners, industry contacts, and prospects.
  • Case study research and creation to enhance the sales process and provide validation 
  • Tracking and reporting on engagement across multi-channel marketing efforts


By 2020, CGIF had signed 5 new Brand Partners bringing their total to 11, which nearly doubled their clients from May 2019. 

Coley concludes, “Our industry is small with only 4000 U.S. franchises. Of those, not everyone is a fit for CGI Franchise. What we needed, and what Morether zeroed in on, was a suite of sales enablement tools for the sales process specific to our target. That’s what Morether delivered. At Morether’s recommendation, they spent the first few months embedded in our company – meetings, training, sales calls, and webinars to get to know who we are. Then they took that knowledge and created a clear message on our website, case studies, videos, emails, social media, and more. With Morether’s help, I feel confident in the sales process whether at a franchise event, in our office, or on a sales call.”

“The investment with Morether has produced more than 200% ROI in our monthly sales and number of clients.”

Ready grow your business with a simple, effective marketing solution? The Morether Outsourced Marketing System is perfect for your small business. Let’s have a conversation. To learn more about CGI Franchise, see their website.