Rob Dillinger needed help. His website was an attempt at the Wix page builder and wasn't cutting it. Building it was a headache, updating it was worse. Page builders are snazzy on commercials until you spend precious hours learning them, then actually building your website.

Rob owns a Temple, TX-based company called CenTex Pool Service. His company cleans residential and neighborhood pools. It's a hot job in Texas, but very necessary. Rob wasn't looking for explosive growth. He wanted to stabilize the consistent upward trend he had seen since taking over the company.

He had put off redesigning and redeveloping his website long enough. He didn't want to spend an exorbitant amount of money when he wasn't looking for a heap of new clients.

We had the perfect plan.

The Solution

In late 2019, the Morether team decided to launch a new package called A Website in a Day. Our team works with small businesses from launch to ~$5 million in revenue. We have tools to help businesses start a new endeavor or break their company past a chokehold to the next level. Our Website in a Day program is aimed at small local businesses that have little revenue to work with, but the heart of giants to grow their company. For us, it's an investment in a future relationship with a great company.

It was the perfect fit for Rob and CenTex Pool Service. The solution included:

  • A 2-hour discovery session to build out his Messaging Framework and content for the website
  • A template design with high-quality stock photography
  • A fast, responsive website built into WordPress
  • Ongoing hosting and care to ensure the website is reaching prospects and providing communication tools for his customers

Rob has a great business. And now the world (alright, at least Central Texas) knows that his services are exactly what they need to survive the Texas summer heat.

"Morether has exceeded all my expectations," said Rob. "From the first meeting I felt like I had my own marketing team. I highly recommend Morether."

Visit the CenTex Pool Service Website.

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