Calvert Restoration Logo Portfolio

Calvert Restoration, LLC is a waterproofing company based out of Calvert County, Maryland. They came to us via a mutual friend and client needing a website. We discovered when reviewing the project they didn't have any branding either, which is pretty crazy for a company who has been in business for 20+ years. We believe it goes to show the quality with which they do their work and the amount of care provided for clients. Word of mouth and customer service are still significant these days.

Nonetheless, they were ready to step up branding and marketing a notch, so they hired us for branding and a general marketing website that features a slice of their portfolio. We really had no clue what waterproofing and masonry repair was when setting out in crafting the logo and developing the website; but let's just say they probably won't be caulking your next bathroom reno project. They do massive projects in the DC, Virginia, MD region. They're a big deal. So we wanted to ensure they had a professional, simple style to appeal to contractors and builders.

Calvert Restoration Letterhead & Business Cards

We enjoyed working with Melanie and Calvert Restoration and look forward to further enhancing their marketing presence.

See Calvert Restoration site here.