What do you do in a year with a pandemic, an economic recession, and the largest unemployment numbers in recent history? You start your own business, of course! That’s what Travis Wittick did. And did we mention that Travis was a successful exec at a clinical laboratory company? He was living the American Corporation dream–climbing the ladder.

But it wasn’t enough. Like many entrepreneurs who get the “bug”, he wanted more purpose in his career.

In the fall of 2020, Travis called us up looking for help launching Academy Endeavors. After starting his career in the corporate world, he was ready to step into the wild world of owning and running a business. He realized quickly that when you start your own business, you’re not only the CEO, you’re also the CFO, COO, CMO, and all the other Big-Os including feeling like the “Dumb-O” who started the business in the first place!

We understand Travis. In fact, his story is the story of several clients. We love it. We relish working with entrepreneurs who step into the wild. These men and women are green, excited, and ambitious. They breathe oxygen into the small business network across the US.

The Solution

We met with Travis and his wife Eugenia to not only discover the best way forward for marketing their company but to also help brainstorm the product offerings for Academy Endeavors.

We landed on the perfect product for Academy Endeavors marketing–our Launch Package.

The solution included:

  • A 2-hour discovery session based on the StoryBrand framework to build out his messaging and content for the website
  • Researching the right name for his business (Travis compared it to naming his own kids…we get it)
  • Visual branding
  • A fast, responsive, SEO-friendly website built into WordPress
  • Ongoing hosting and care to ensure the website is reaching prospects and providing communication tools for his customers

Travis launched a great business. Academy Endeavors works with young men and women seeking admission into one of the US Service Academies (Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, West Point, and more). The academies offer a rich experience for young people all over the US but are hard to get into based on the complexity of the application process. Travis coaches students through the process. Talk about an outstanding purpose for a small business. Hats off to Travis and Eugenia!

With world-class branding, customer-centric StoryBrand messaging, a website that’s fast, beautiful, and open for business, Academy Endeavors is positioned to join the wild world of small businesses.

Visit the Academy Endeavors Service Website.

If you have a dream you’ve been hiding, what’s holding you back? We love working with startups. We’ll work to ramp up your marketing, beginning with a small budget and increasing efforts as you succeed. Don’t let another year slip by without pursuing that purpose that won’t let you sleep!