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Have you ever seen the hosting screen of death above? Learn how you can get this domain. “What the…? That’s my website! That’s…where is my website?” Panic fills your throat as you backtrack through emails to find out how this could ever happen.

A while back we had a client in Texas who lost her website. We spent weeks designing her website – content, logo design, site map, user experience – all of it. It was a great website.

Then she woke to this screen of goneness.

After several hours with “Award-winning” hosting support, she discovered the truth: she lost it all. No backups, no history, no nothing.

The email notifications warning of impending expiration of her hosting (and subsequent annihilation of her files and website) were missed as they were automated and sent to an old email. She’d signed up for 3 years of hosting – a lot happens in 3 years, including switching emails.

Who’s Fault is it Anyway?

It doesn’t take much to realize who she is (was) using. But this article isn’t about beating up massive hosting companies who compete for your business at the bottom of the barrel. They were right: she didn’t pay so they booted her. They sent unheeded warning emails, so see ya!

Yet as a busy business owner who has changed partnerships and emails several times over the last few years, doesn’t she deserve something – yeah I’m gonna say it – Morether?

Hosting Rethunk

When we started Morether Creative Agency based on providing graphic design, web design, and marketing for small businesses, we knew we needed hosting we could count on. We needed simple, WordPress-based hosting with amazing customer support.

We tried the big guys. They were great until something went wrong. Or the site slowed to the speed of Texas honey. And by the time we connected with someone, the site speed was great again, and they were like, “Sir, looks fine on our end!” An hour of our lives was gone.

And that’s us: a design agency with 20+ years of web design experience. What about the little guys? What about the plumbers and pest control guys; the home builders and restaurant owners; the doctor’s office and lawyers. They have zero time to figure out their website in the first place. And if something goes wrong, like the screen of death, they have no idea how to repair the problem.

Morether than Hosting

We decided we could do better on our own.

So we ventured into offering Morether hosting and care plans for our clients. The unfortunate woman who lost her site wasn’t utilizing our hosting and care plans. It wasn’t her fault. We didn’t offer that perk then. But like her, we’ve learned!

Let’s replay that scenario through a lens that includes Morether hosting.

It goes like this:

  1. We set up hosting at $20 per month, which she’s allowed to cancel at any time.
  2. We build her website through our simple, effective site building process.
  3. She opts for our care package at $90 per month (again, cancelable at any time).
  4. We monitor her hosting and ensure the site is 100% functional to do what she expects it to do – generate leads for her business.
  5. That’s it!

If for whatever reason she doesn’t pay for a month, we don’t shut it down and delete files. We go through all mechanisms to contact our client, and with permission (and only then) do we remove her website.

It’s that easy.

$20 and $90 per month is more than the big “warehouse” competitors. It’s true, we know. But we also know we’re not merely a hosting/software support company. We’re Morether. We’re people. We’re a small business, like you. We know what’s at stake. We know what you put up with and understand you. The big guys don’t. Why would they? Why should they?

Avoid the Hosting Screen of Death

Allow us the privilege of hosting and supporting your site. Better yet, allow us the chance to offer peace of mind so that you don’t have to rifle through old emails and remember silly passwords to keep your website kicking!

We’d like to take on the hosting and support part of the everything you’re expected to know as a business owner.

Transfer your WordPress site to us today. Contact us for a quote and techy details.