Harsh economic times forge better businesses

Do you know how it feels like the world is working against small business owners?

Yeah, we feel it too, and it drives us crazy.  

It's summer 2022, and we are likely headed into a recession. My wife bought lipstick recently, so the signs are showing. We can feel the effects – inflation, gas prices, blah, blah.

But as scrappy business owners in Central Texas, we're built a little differently.


Budgeting isn't easy for small busineses!

Raise your hand if you were brought up budgeting with white envelopes? Ok I'm the only one. I love a good budget. But since starting Morether, budgeting hasn't been as easy as it was with a $1/month allowance. 


Who's tired of sending long emails that never get read?

Let's acknowledge a problem: the overwhelming amount of marketing tools and tactics business owners are supposed to be aware of and deploy with expert precision. We're here to help by supplying you with simple tools, tips, tactics, and ideas. You shouldn't have to know everything about marketing to be successful.

Everyone hates writing long emails (except mom). You know what it's like explaining 10 things only to get the reply, "I'm not sure I follow." There has to be an easier way. 


5 ways to stay in control of your stuff!

Finding the right marketing agency or freelance help is about as easy as finding a beetle in a beanbag. And sometimes you outgrow their help or realize their efforts aren’t cutting it. So you decide to make a change to a new agency (that might be called Morether). 

Problem is, your old developer, agency, or nephew’s wife’s brother won’t turn over the keys to your stuff. What stuff? Well, your domain, your admin email sign in, your hosting info, your website login, or even your original logo or photos. 


Hosting the Morether Way

Have you ever seen the hosting screen of death above? Learn how you can get this domain. "What the...? That's my website! That's...where is my website?" Panic fills your throat as you backtrack through emails to find out how this could ever happen.


Joe the Plumber

When we purchased our house in Temple, TX, we knew we had work to do.



This is our site. It's finally up.

I'm going to bed. Thanks for hanging out. Snoooooooooooozzzzz...