Prosperity Acres & Green Goats Branding

This is a project completed long before we formed Morether Creative, but we felt it was such a fun, unique project – and one we feel turned out so well – we wanted to feature in our portfolio.

Prosperity Acres Calvert County, MD Logo

Prosperity Acres is a Calvert County, MD-based farm that provides beef and goat meat raised humanely in a stress-free, hormone-free environment. The farm is run by an amazing, hard-working family – the Bowen’s – who discovered our work and hired us to work on a logo, branding, and marketing for their farm.

We admit, we bartered our work for fresh beef that lasted us for a year. We got the better end of the deal. Their beef is some of the best we’ve ever had. If you’ve never had a steak raised locally without the mass-produced processing, you’re completely missing out.

The second half of our mission was creating a brand for Green Goats. Green Goats provide an alternative to gas equipment. These frisky friends chew underbrush and low hanging limbs in a much more environmental fashion. They’ve even worked in Washington, DC.

All logos were hand drawn, scanned, and reworked digitally.


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