Our Story

Mother?  / No, Morether. M.o.r.e.t.h.e.r.  / Morether? What the…?


How would you like to go back to younger days to see how we learned what we learned? The beauty of hearing a child regurgitating concepts is fascinating.

“Elijah got morether than me!” spouted my then two-year-old daughter. Morether? Her reality is one M. Night Shyamalan might have a hard time re-inventing. But I love it.

Morether is more than more. She’s not asking for more. She’s asking for morether. Morether is above what she can accomplish on her own. She needs help. She needs an expert who understands her paradigm. In desperation she cries out for Morether.

What does this have to do with marketing, branding, and design?

A lot. Our story and mission is partnering with small to medium-sized businesses. We design your brand identity. We craft and implement your marketing strategy. We come alongside a stressed-out, overwhelmed CEO/president/owner and provide clarity. We want to help you do Morether.

We offer peace of mind your website is rocking.

We provide confidence your marketing strategies are reaching clients.

We set your mind at ease your social media posts buzzing.

You’re expected to know everything about everything. We’d like to take on some of that everything.

– Daniel

The Team

Andrew Strahl - Account Specialist

Andrew Strahl – Account Specialist

I’m Andrew, husband, father, son and brother. I wear many hats, each of them is unique in and of itself.

Husband I’m blessed to be married to my best friend and soul mate, Malarie. She’s beautiful beyond measure, feisty, yet gentle at the same time.

Father I am the father of two adorable girls. Adelynn Mae, (feistier than her mother) my eldest and second-first love. Emersyn Rae, who has not blessed us with her presence yet, but her impact has already been felt.

Son My parents raised me to love God, respect everyone, and love people.

My role at Morether Creative is multi-faceted. I handle monthly support relating to client website care. I’m the guy you email when things aren’t quite right (or the guy you pat on the back when things are great – no really!) I’m the guy who discovers business owners on the East Coast who want to get a grip on marketing, design, and web strategies.

That’s me. A mess, but an organized mess!

Daniel Palmer - Morether Creative Agency

Daniel C. Palmer – President

I’m Daniel, founder and president of Morether Creative. Creativity and problem-solving are my bread and butter.

I love collaborative work and seeing a solution emerge with coffee and blueberry muffins. Design doesn’t merely apply to logos or websites – design strategies and solutions are all around us. They are messy and hard to reproduce (and explain), but worth it when discovering beauty in chaos.

After 20 plus years in the marketing and design industry, I founded Morether Creative Agency right here in Central Texas.

I have a wife who is the only woman who can tolerate my personality daily. She is more than enough proof of a God. But God gave me more in two smart, pithy kids.

We are excited to bring marketing and design solutions to you, the cornerstone of our communities – business owners of America.


Small Business. Big Marketing.
What Morether could you ask for?

Morether Creative Agency

1106 Dakota Drive
Temple, Texas 76501